Our Customer Experience Difference

Our focus goes further than just providing an amazing inspiring outdoor space for you to enjoy and share with others.


That is our product, we know that our landscaping is good. That is a given, you don’t have the experience and the skills we have without delivering quality front and backyards. Jack has spent over 10 years working in Melbourne providing backyard dreams to multimillion-dollar properties. Now settled back on the border he brings the design and skill from Melbourne and applies that here, maintaining the quality and edge, but offering it at a more affordable rate.

But our focus above and beyond that which really makes us stand out is our commitment to customer service. Like too many people, we have become accustomed to tradies not turning up when they say, not providing what you expect, and just plain under delivering. At Stow Landscapes we focus on the 1 percenters, doing that bit extra to provide you with a great customer experience.

  • We will turn up to quotes on time.
  • We will keep you informed throughout the job.
  • We will deliver at a minimum what we promised, if not more!
  • We will continue to focus on the ‘1 percenters’ for you- This might be in our Thank you gift of a handmade pot and indoor plant (pictured), or so many more ways we try to exceed your expectations.

If at anytime you aren’t happy with what we are delivering simply tell us mail@stowlandscapes.com.au and we promise, we will do what we can to ensure you receive our full Customer Experience Difference.

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